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 Spiritual Empowerment Workshops

Empowerment Workshops consist of exercises, role play, and discussions to bring about self awareness, that gives clarity and understanding within oneself. Self acceptance comes with the full understanding of attitudes, behaviors, feelings and thoughts. Developing self esteem enables self empowerment. It creates new confidence and a sense of belonging. The practice of self love waters and begins to grow within each person a degree of self-worth.

Life's Soul Skills Training

Life Soul Skills Workshops are designed to bring soul awareness, educate and develop skills that will aid participants in their personal lives, school, relationships, home, and community environments. Exercises and role play are created to help building decision making, critical thinking, coping , and interpersonal, communication, and social skills. Soul Life skills training also included self responsibility, peer pressure, self governing, and conflict resolution, and how to self-master. Participants also will be able to develop job search and interviewing skills, resume building, and how to complete an application for employment.

Empowerment Theatre

Empowerment Theatre is a form of applied theatre. Theatre is used as a tool to create original plays, poems, skits, and other performance pieces to convey a message to the audience. Performances and or plays are created from round table discussions dealing with issues that youth, and or adults face in today's world. The discussion leads to creating framework on what the message that is to be delivered will entail. The framework is the structure and outline to begin the writing process on the chosen project theme. While theatre is the tool, the empowerment aspect of theatre will include the building of communication, social, listening, critical thinking, improvisation, basic acting, and writing skills.  For Healing Purposes!

Spiritual Care:

Spiritual Energy Healing & Coaching

Spiritual Energy healing is another form of spiritual treatment. The therapy is individually based and designed. Spiritual healing is administered via Reiki, to assist clients in going within themselves to clear and cleanse chakras and auric fields and aids in emotional healing. Sound Healing is a new addition to aid in raising ones vibrations, using sound bowls, mantras, and chakra vowels. Spiritual coaching is available to aid one one their spiritual journey. Wedding Officiate Available
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