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Vitamin for the Soul: Your Power

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Your power is what drives you and it is like your magic wand. When you speak forth your word with conviction and or faith, it is sure to manifest what the power was sent out to do. Some of us are not truly sure as to what this power is, but I will tell you. This power is the Breath that you Breathe, and it wakes you up each time you awaken. It moves you throughout your day. It the God in us and through us, that has its being in us and us in it. Some of us prefer to this as the father God or the mother God, and or Jesus, the Son of God. Whatever the name of this power is known by, takes or adds nothing to it. I learned that God is the spirit, and this spirit just is, and that makes all is as it is. So when it comes to your power, how Is it being used? Who Is using it? Who Is imprisoning it? How Is it being benefiting to your soul? I learned about my power when I began to seek ye first, the kingdom of heaven, and all its righteousness, and all will be added unto me. As I began to truly seek God for myself and to understand how to gain control of my life by controlling my thoughts and feelings, I learned that my power was taken away from me and then I started giving it away. Shortly after I was born, I had to live with other families that were not my parents. I was raised by my maternal grandmother, to my eldest aunt, to the aunt under her. I had no power to choose who I wanted to live with. I had no choice in how much love I was to be given, and or support, or even when I should be talked to about life. I had no choice when I was molested. I had no choice in rather I wanted to call a woman who was not my mother, mama. I had no power because I was a child. I learned later in life that we are to teach our children about their power and through their oneness with the God in them and through them, just as us adults. Was it that my family didn’t know about the truth of the power we all possess? Well, yes, now I know that it was because families didn’t understand the true meaning of the presence of God or of spirit and its power therein. When growing up and you aren’t raised with spiritual truths, then you are living by default. You are living from what you have been conditioned to believe in, what is good, and what makes you somebody based on what you have going on outside of you. You are not living and growing from the sole source of your existing. You are living from the foundation your feet were placed upon because you were a child. That is what is meant to live by default. By default, your power wasn’t taught, and or activated. Once we grow up, we begin to make decisions from the default position of our lives, not realizing that we are really living based on our own faults. Our power wasn’t revealed and so we are unaware of it and so what we do is begin to give our power away. We give our power away once we have become adults by continuing to allow the pains of the past and or childhood to hold our hearts and mind hostage to depression, begrudging, anger, sadness, etc. That is where we leave our power, that is what has hold of our power. Our power is locked and enslaved by past disappointments, and betrayals, and we are consumed by these thoughts of dead actions. By fault, we live in this mental agony, and emotional irritations because we haven't taken back our power. We don't know that we have the power to no longer allow the pains of the past to control how we feel, and the things that we think, and do because of this Pain! We all have the power to heal our wounds of past bad relationships, wounds from a childhood of any type of abuse, abandonment, malnutrition of the body, soul, and mind, and be healthy. We have the ability to bring joy into our lives, and we have the ability to create all that is good and righteous for our worlds, and for our families, and communities. We were given dominion over the animals, and the fowl of the air, why wouldn't we have dominion over ourselves? In order to have dominion over anything, you must possess the power to do so. Hmmm…yes, the power is in you, with you, through you, as the living spirit of God is. Your power is in the identification of the truth that we were created in the image and likeness of God and the God made he male and she female. These are attributes in the power we all possess. When I realized that as an adult, I was living by my faults, and how I made choices from a defaulted position, I knew that I had to reclaim my power, my thoughts, my feelings, and my actions. It wasn’t easy but as I allowed myself to be honest with myself, I was able to see my fault and accept responsibility for my part in my open wounds that continued to bring me sadness, depression, anger, and or confusion. As I began to heal, I was able to how I let thoughts and feelings from those thoughts, become a part of my daily living. If I thought it, and I felt it, then it was my fault as to how my mood was set at those moments. It wasn't my abuser, it wasn't the lack of my biological parents, and or lack of support, and care, it was me. I was responsible for my thoughts, and feelings. I was responsible for what I stored in my memory bank. I was responsible for what I allowed my heart to feel, and emotions that flowed from it. I knew that I was the only one that could break my depression, and it was me who could stop the pain, and it was me who can erase the thoughts of childhood, and all its pains. I had that Power, I had to do nothing but Claim It! So I started releasing my pains from my thoughts by telling me that the past is dead and that I was amongst the living. I knew at that moment in my life that I was no longer going through childhood, and I was a woman, with children, and that there was no need to suffer anymore. I knew that if I felt sad, or angry from the past, or pains of betrayals, or mistreatment, it was because I allowed the thoughts to visit and my ego ate it up. I silenced my ego, letting the divine mind take over, using my power to zap anything of the past to enter my mental space. It guarded my heart and allowed it to heal and to begin to feel all that was good and all that was in my present. My power is my God, and my God is my breath that I breathe, and the breath that I breathe is my life…I Am Power...

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