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Since 2004, Dr. Assata J. Haki, has been engaging in programs that are designed to raise self-esteem, confidence, and to enhance self-knowledge, with the mission to develop self-love in women and youth under, Sista Love Outreach Programs.

In 2016, She relaunched, with a small change in the name, Sista Love Outreach Services, LLC, that has created and designed theatre projects, and empowerment workshops, and spiritual care services that aid in self-empowerment


Our theatre activities, games, and warm-ups, are created with the goal that each participant has an opportunity to Enhance social, critical thinking and communication skills, and self-awareness. Develop emotional and mental well-being and exercising cognitive functions, physical mobility in all age groups, especially older adult students/participants.

Sista Love's Spiritual Care Services offers coaching, counseling, and spiritual empowerment workshops, designed to guide clients on their spiritual journey's towards enlightenment, desire for inner peace and inner understanding, and the power of joy.

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For Assata J. Haki, acting is the root of the tree and some of her limbs are performing, storytelling, empowerment speaking, teaching artist, and writer. Assata's love for acting present her with many opportunities to perform, on all a variety of sets and stages. Assata graduated from Wayne State University with a BA in Theatre, and completed an internship through the Matrix Theatre Company education department as a Teaching Artist.

Assata has taken her love for acting and the stage into classrooms, community organizations and programs. Assata has also created a way to embody all of her skills, experiences, gifts and talents within her company, Sista Love Outreach Services, incorporating theatre as one of the main vessels . In addition, Assata has founded and designed her own program, Empowerment Theatre, developed as a platform for the self-empowerment of women and youth, and voices throughout the Detroit community, using theatre as a tool.

Assata is a brilliant actress, and has a great love for acting. Assata has performed in professional productions, such as, Perilous Times and other professional stage performances. In addition to her gift and talent as an actress, she is developing into a great Director, directing applied theatre project in the Detroit area. Dr. Assata J. Haki, D.D, has also earned her M.A in Teaching Artistry in Theatre and Dance from WSU.

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