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Our mission mirrors our purpose and that is to deepen self-awareness and develop  greater and higher self-esteem  to heighten self -love, leading to self-empowerment.


 Self Empowerment Workshops

Empowerment Workshops consist of exercises, role play, and discussions to bring about self awareness, that gives clarity and understanding within oneself. Participants will begin to clearly see the image that one sees or portrays.

Life Skills Training

Life Skills Workshops are designed to educate and develop skills that will aid participants in their personal lives, school, relationships, home, and community environments.

Theatre Workshop

Empowerment Theatre is a form of applied theatre. Theatre is used as a tool to create original plays, poems, skits, and other performance pieces to convey a message to the audience.

Spiritual Care:

Spiritual Healing & Coaching

Spiritual healing is another form of spiritual therapy. The therapy is individually based and designed. Spiritual healing is to assist clients in going within themselves to find centeredness and clarity.

Since 2004, Dr. Assata J. Haki, has been engaging in programs that are designed to raise self-esteem, confidence, and to enhance self-knowledge, with the mission to develop self-love in women and youth under, Sista Love Outreach Programs.


In 2016, She relaunched, with a small change in the name, Sista Love Outreach Services, LLC, that has created and designed theatre projects, and empowerment workshops, and spiritual care services that aid in self-empowerment.

Our theatre activities, games, and warm-ups, are created with the goal that each participant has an opportunity to Enhance social, critical thinking and communication skills, and self-awareness. Develop emotional and mental well being and exercising cognitive functions, physical mobility in all age groups, especially older adult students/participants.




"Before taking Ms. Assata's theatre class, I stayed in my apartment most of the time, and now I find myself being more social, and I look forward to seeing my neighbors".


"Every week I look forward to coming to theatre class! It is fun and love how she makes our learning tasks easy for us seniors! Lol!"

-Hannan Players


Most schools and community programs do not have funds for theatre arts. Here, you can help sponsor a school or community organization for a 4-12 week theatre program, creating original works to perform for their peers, family, and community that makes a difference, leaving an impact of compassion.

Your donations will also fund community projects such as feeding the homeless, providing toiletries to human service programs for women and youth, school supplies, helping clean senior citizens homes, etc...

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